My friend Lindsey has a great article up at The Toast today about (what I consider to be) the glory days of Livejournal. Lindsey and I go wayyyy back and actually “met” before the days of LJ, but I still fondly remember her own Livejournal, and those of many others on my friends list (I still read some of them from time to time!). I met so many people on Livejournal that I still consider good friends to this day. And there were some I do not remember at all now, which is strange and unfortunate considering how personal we all were on our Livejournals. But that was kind of the thing of LJ, I think. Friendships were mutable, often intense, and sometimes strange.

Anyway, even if you didn’t have an LJ, you should read the article. It was such a good time to be writing online, and I miss it now. I didn’t realize at the time how much I would miss it.

I’ve been clearing out some old photos from my computer, and while I wouldn’t call myself a data hoarder, I certainly did run across some photos I’d completely forgotten about. Like these ones I took in Northern New York, when my husband and I drove home from Burlington, VT in 2012.

nny01 nny02 nny03 nny04 nny05

nny05a nny06

I photographed more than signs on that trip, but the signs are just wonderful, aren’t they?

I was also surprised at how I responded more to the New York state photos than the Vermont photos, considering how much I love Vermont.

I’ve made a new post about cooking a dish from my copy of Mrs Beeton’s Household Management, but I’ve blogged about it somewhere else.

History’s been a little hobby of mine for several years now, and recently I decided to start a blog where I can share little stories or facts I find interesting. I’m not a historian so it’s not academic and definitely not a place where I’m going to write with full authority on anything, but so far I’m having fun with it.

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can find it here! I’m still going to write in this blog, of course – the history thing is just on the side.

In 2008, my friend Suzen and I started making short video diaries as a way of keeping in touch across the country. I’m clearing out some files from my computer and I found the videos I’d made. Here are some text excerpts that prove no matter how much I think I’ve changed, I’m still very much the same in some ways:

Video 1:

I kind of am not sure yet if I hate the story I’m working on. I found an old draft, I think one of the first ones, and it was from 2003! That’s five years, for a story that’s under two thousand words. Part of me thinks it’s not worth it, but I mean, I started it, right? So it must have had some kind of merit for me at some point. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m going to do with that.

I have actually two that I’ve been writing for about that long, and I’ve never really started a third. I think I’m waiting to finish those two before I try another one, even though I’ve written little paragraphs of stuff that I’ve thought of here and there, but, I don’t know, those two for some reason are like an albatross around my neck. I can’t get rid of them and I have to. They’re weighing me down and I have to finish them. So I might do that. I wrote down an outline, which I don’t usually do, so that might be a good thing.

Video 2:

Right now we’re just hanging out and listening to music and going on our respective computers. Jason I think is buying Christmas presents or browsing for Christmas presents, and I am deleting every post on my blog!

I tried for a week and a half to get through 23 pages of an Ayelet Waldman novel I ended up abandoning, but have spent the past two hours completely engrossed in a book based on the Dragon Age video game series.

Draw from that any conclusions you will.

(I was surprised to find the Dragon Age novel has a higher average rating on Goodreads than the Waldman novel.)