Books I Liked in 2017

Reading-wise, 2017 was an interesting year for me – punctuated by my struggle to get through Middlemarch at the end of the year (Spoiler: I gave up). I’m terrible at book reviews and vowed never to write another one again, but I wanted to share my favourite books that I read (or re-read) in 2017.

Comment below and let me know if you’ve read any of these books, or tell me what books you’ve enjoyed recently!


Five Roses
Alice Zorn |



Life in a Cold Climate
Laura Thompson |



The Fifth Season
NK Jemisin |



The Obelisk Gate
NK Jemisin |



Big Magic
Elizabeth Gilbert |



Mitzi Bytes
Kerry Clare |



Masters of Doom
David Kushner |



A Three-Tiered Pastel Dream
Lesley Trites |



Northanger Abbey
Jane Austen |



Midnight Oil
VS Pritchett


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