have a good time

have a good time

I finished reading this book a few days ago. It took me a while, because reading Alice Munro both uplifts me and makes me feel like writing is futile. To distract myself from the latter feeling, I often flipped to the inscription on the front. Yesterday it was my birthday I hung one more year on the line . . . I should go to bed, but a voice in my head says ‘oh what the hell’ but I’m havin’ a good time. Have a good… (READ MORE)

story season

I seem to be preparing for winter hibernation much too early; before it even threatens snow. I walk through the library, judging books by their covers. I read voraciously in the mornings, when it’s still dark. In the daytime, I discover ideas for short stories I’d forgotten about. And last weekend, evenings were spent getting lost in a different kind of story. J and I discuss strategy over dinner, sharing our favourite parts of the game and what we’ll do next. I don’t even notice… (READ MORE)

it’s rain

Best background noise to read to. This was a few days ago. Last night there was rain, but there was intense thunder and flashing lightning, too, all around us, all the time. All summer I’ve been longing for a really good thunderstorm and then I got what I asked for, one so great it scared me for the first time since childhood (well, the tornado risk scared me, anyway). Yesterday I also went on roller coasters for the first time in I think 13 years… (READ MORE)

reading and writing

J sort of accidentally added my novel draft to Goodreads. Well, he meant to do it, but he didn’t know I would feel weird about it. But that was days ago and I actually think it’s kind of amusing now. I hate the title and only two people in the world have read it. The book I’m reading now, Ilustrado, won an award before it was even published – maybe some of that luck will rub off on me. Because, you know. I’m sure Harper-Collins… (READ MORE)

morning tracks

morning tracks

  Not very terribly exciting photos today, but picture-taking is difficult with a sleepy dog who needed at least seven more hours before being even remotely ready to play in the snow. I’ve been thinking lately about a lot of the books I liked when I was younger. I had a few favourite books, but the ones that I think about the most, years later, are the ones with some big adventure at the centre. I especially liked the ones that had girls in them… (READ MORE)

in praise of vintage books

I finished this book on the way back from Montreal. It was the first time I’d ever read it (I know, I know). It was found in a laundromat by a family friend and given to my mother. Look at the gorgeous cover! Old book design is unmatched, in my opinion. Old books are great, especially when they’ve been used by a student in a mixture of relevant class notes and future invention ideas. I almost didn’t want to give this back to my mother… (READ MORE)