My new favourite: slowed-down historical videos

Recently, a video showed up on my YouTube recommendations that sounded intriguing – a speed-corrected video from 1911. I clicked on it out of curiosity, thinking I’d just watch a couple of seconds to see how it looked at our standard FPS instead of the sped-up way we’re used to seeing these old hand-cranked camera videos.

Instead of a couple of seconds, I ended up watching several videos! There’s something so soothing about them at normal speed. Being able to see people slowly strolling down a street or leisurely chatting with a friend removes that barrier that the original speed put between us and them. We’re so used to jerky walks or twitchy movements, and removing them makes the experience strangely soothing. Also, watching people casually cross the street in all directions, unconcerned by trolleys or horses passing just a few feet away, was jarring to me at first. With the sped-up videos it somehow doesn’t sink in how calm people were about something like crossing the street. Just go wherever you want, whenever – it’s all fine!

I also have to admit that at first I was skeptical of the added sound. I’d seen videos with added sound before and it always seemed off somehow – too loud, or too obvious, maybe. But the sounds here are so subtle that I sometimes forgot they weren’t originally there.

Anyway, here are some of my favourites – check out Guy Jones’ YouTube channel for more!

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