Etiquette of morning calls and visits of ceremony

Etiquette of morning calls and visits of ceremony

One of the reasons I love reading Victorian/Regency novels is that I get a glimpse of the everyday rituals, strange to us now, that were so important to the people performing them. One of those rituals that always seemed at once charming and terrifying to me was the obligation of the morning call 0r social visit. … Read More

A visit to Fort George

A few weeks ago, I visited Fort George during a day in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant to go – apparently I’m still a little wary of forts since a class trip to Fort York in grade eight. Teenage ennui and military re-enactments do not go hand-in-hand! However, I took to Fort George better … Read More

2,435 stag heads on the wall . . .

Recently I’ve been watching a British program called Walking Through History. It’s presented by one of the hosts of Time Team, but it’s quite a different kind of show. Here, the focus is hiking and walking through historical places around the UK. It’s a very aspirational thing to watch in the middle of winter! The most recent episode … Read More

The finality of history, and escapism

I’ve been reading a lot of historical fiction lately, which is something I surprisingly haven’t read too much of in my life. But I’ve been enjoying it, returning to it regularly, with the same urgency I often feel about certain history and biography books I read. I am indeed an adult who deals with her problems, … Read More

Connected to history

Memorial plaques for three of the family members of Plum Johnson, author of the memoir They Left us Everything (check it out at or, which I mentioned in a recent entry. I would hesitate to call this “history,” but seeing these plaques (I had forgotten they were there, so they took me by surprise) … Read More