More Oakville homes, and They Left Us Everything

More Oakville homes, and They Left Us Everything

I love how many of Old Oakville’s historic homes are a reminder of the town’s historical connection to the lake. Edward Anderson, Mariner, 1835 Duncan Chisholm built homes for his workers, which still stand at 18-26 Thomas Street (though he and his own family never lived there). There is an interesting article about one of those houses … Read More

The Worn Doorstep, Oakville ON

The Worn Doorstep, Oakville, Ontario. This is one of my favourite Old Oakville historical homes. It was built in 1870, though it wasn’t yet a home – it was built as a paint factory. It has also been an electric generating plant and a guest house. It became a private residence in 1966, when it was purchased … Read More

Turku Castle/Turun Linna

Last month, my husband and I spent a couple of weeks visiting family in Finland and Germany. The historical site we were both most excited to see was Turku Castle, in southwest Finland. Turku was the capital of Finland until 1812, when Alexander I, thinking Turku was a little too close to Sweden and too far from … Read More

A Mrs Beeton recipe: Tomatoes, Stuffed, With Mushrooms

Last year, I found a copy of Mrs Beeton’s Household Management in a secondhand book store, and snapped it up eagerly. It isn’t obvious when it was printed. A previous owner wrote her name and the year 1944, but certain things made me believe this was already a few years old when she got it – for … Read More