Samantha Garner

I’m Samantha Garner, a Canadian short fiction and novel writer living in the Greater Toronto Area. My stories and poems have been published in print and online, in publications such as The Fiddlehead, Kiss Machine, Storychord, WhiskeyPaper, and Sundog Lit. In 2012, I completed the Humber School for Writers Correspondence program, where I worked on a collection of short fiction. I’ve also been blogging since 1997 (read: I am an internet dinosaur).

I’m currently working on a science-fantasy novel where a spaceship full of Earth refugees is beginning to question why magic has been forbidden for 99 years. My previous “fabulism-light” novel is inspired by Filipino food, dream memory, Southern Ontario, unexpected friendships, and the myths we create to keep ourselves at bay. I’m represented by Kelvin Kong at K2 Literary Agency.

When I’m not writing, I’m out walking around, trying to photograph my long-suffering dog, playing a video game, or boring a loved one with the latest historical fact I’ve just learned.

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