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IFOA highlights

Another year, another IFOA. (You can read last year’s highlights here.) This year was similar to last year in a lot of ways. I went with Teri to some things, we had sushi to eat, it was even raining like last year.

Here are the highlights:

– Saw Margaret Drabble being interviewed by Eleanor Wachtel. As with last year’s Paul Auster interview, I went to this one alone and was beside myself with excitement the whole time.

– She (Drabble) brought her purse onstage, which I will never stop being charmed by. She was also perfect. I love Margaret Drabble. Maybe it’s obvious.

– Ate the aforementioned sushi with Teri, and our usual good chat about writing and life.

– Teri and I joined a packed house for the Alice Munro tribute, where Douglas Gibson, Jane Urquhart, Miriam Toews, Colum McCann, Alistair MacLeod and Margaret Drabble (!) shared stories about Munro and did short readings of her work. It was thrilling.

– Margaret Drabble brought her purse onstage again. I love her.

– While waiting in line to enter the theatre for the Alice Munro tribute, I was randomly approached for an on-camera interview about Alice Munro. For the Writers’ Trust’s something, I think? I’m not sure; large parts of my memory of that interview are just white whirs. I can’t even tell you for how long afterwards I thought of better answers than the ones I gave. I may never stop.


Teri took this picture. In it I am probably screaming internally and trying to pretend that I’m simply considering my next answer. If anyone ever sees this interview, please, never tell me! How do people ever get good at this?

Anyway, camera shyness aside, it was another fantastic event that sent me into a near-dreamlike state about writing and being a writer and everything I’ve ever written and ever will write. A good result, I’d say!

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  1. Amy

    That’s a great photo! And I’m so happy for you. I know you do love Drabble very much.

    1. Samantha

      Thanks! And thanks! I’m still over the moon that I got to see her twice in one day; I didn’t know she’d be at the Munro tribute until shortly before it started!

  2. aiti

    My dear Samantha,
    You must had a good time in this function.
    Rakkaudella, Your Aiti

    1. Samantha

      Kiitos Äiti. I did! xo

  3. Teri

    Looks like we’ve officially started a tradition! Can’t wait for another rainy fall weekend + a literary event next year. We need to get our hands on this video footage too.


    1. Samantha

      Dear god yes to next year, dear god NO to the video footage! Or at least not until I’ve had enough wine to bear watching it! :)