PD James interview

But then one day, you know, I suddenly realized with an absolute shock that there never was going to be a convenient time, and that if I didn’t make a beginning, I would be saying to my grandchildren, ‘What I really wanted to be was a writer.’ So I had to make time.

– PD James, interviewed on CBC’s Writers & Company

I’d never read anything by PD James. Even so, today I listened to an interview she did on the CBC’s Writers & Company, re-aired after her death. I found many things about her that I could relate to, especially the quote above.

I listened to the interview while I was making lunch (the time-consuming but delicious carrot soup with rice I’d posted about earlier), and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I’d “discovered” her earlier.

The full interview is here.

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  1. Denise

    I enjoyed this interview. Thank you. I’m still thinking about the psychiatrist quote.

    “Creativity is the successful resolution of an internal conflict.”

    1. Samantha

      Oh I loved that line too. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview!