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Sci-fi and fantasy novels by Black authors

Discovering NK Jemisin changed my entire focus as a writer. The Broken Earth Trilogy (not pictured, I know) was like nothing else I’d read in my life. The world she created, and the way she wrote it, encouraged me to write what actually made me happy: stories featuring tweaked reality, magic systems, people who could do things unimaginable to us today. And I recently embarked on a fairly intense Octavia Butler phase. And Brown Girl in the Ring was easily one of the most interesting books I’ve read recently.

I’ve been excited to see these authors and more recommended around the internet lately, so I thought I would compile a compilation of compilations. Here are some lists I’ve found of science-fiction and fantasy books written by Black authors.

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Let me know if you have any other lists to share! Buying, sharing, recommending, and requesting books written by Black authors is one great way to amplify their voices and support Black Lives Matter. Check out this link for other ways you can help.

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  1. Crystal

    Thanks for sharing these lists, Samantha!

    1. Samantha

      My pleasure – and thank you!