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writing in 2011

I couldn’t tell you how I started, but tonight I found myself reading through archives of my blog previous to this one, Clock & Bell. I came across some old writing-related posts that, all these years later, were so much fun for me to read. Such a different time. Was I ever really that person? Writing those things? I was a good writer then and I loved it, but I was shaky on my legs about it, like a newborn foal.

(Reading those old posts, by the way, made me kind of regret shutting down my old blog. My reasons for doing so were sound and I’m glad I didn’t scrub it from the internet entirely, but part of me does miss it, as part of me misses almost every blog I shut down. It was such a good part of my life!)

Anyway, if you’re interested, they are all of the posts from between 2010 and January 2012 – or you can choose from this list:

Some other entries not necessarily writing-related, but were old favourites of mine:


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  1. @sarahspy

    Hooray for a Storychord mention! :D

    1. Samantha

      <3 Storychord <3