Swimming Studies

My friend has loaned me a book. The author is half-Filipino, just like my friend and me. I read it eagerly. It feels familiar. The author’s writing style reminds me so much of my friend’s, and I relish the glimpses of the suburban neighbourhoods we grew up in.

I read it on the subway, standing in the doorway. I read it on an airplane, both directions, on a trip where I need the comfort of the familiar. When I read it I’m not thinking of finalities. I’m thinking of my friend, my warm suburban childhood, early morning winters. My friend has dog-eared some pages and I read those ones twice, carefully. I feel connected.

6 thoughts on “Swimming Studies”

  1. I love the connectedness of a shared reading experience. Dog-eared pages (or notes in the margins from a previous reader) are interesting glimpses into someone else’s mind. I keep coming across mentions of this book, too. It sounds wonderful.

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