The joy of repetition really is in you

Winter has traditionally been my best writing season. My brain, which sloshes around sluggishly all summer, wakes up and wants to get to work.

However, this winter I seem to still be “recovering” from the intensity of my Humber writing mentorship. Either that, or I’m still shaking off the holiday laziness. Though lately the weather has been almost springlike, I find myself retreating, staying silent and still. Wearing mostly black and grey, apparently:

Reading about anything – clothing, history, food* – that has nothing to do with writing at all. I’m recharging, it seems, and the best way to do that is to keep the writing part of my brain quiet. Pretend for just a while longer that writing, the way it exists to me, doesn’t exist.

*-Speaking of food, my friend Teri has started a fantastic new blog of food essays – Ways to Cook an Egg. It’s brand new, but already my favourite thing on the internet. Go take a look!

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