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Writing & books in movies: The Terrorizers and La Notte

I recently asked people on Instagram to recommend “pretty and fartistic” movies to me, and I got several good suggestions. I picked the first two, The Terrorizers and La Notte, at random, and was pleasantly surprised to find that books and writers featured heavily in them. These movies were also very pretty, and I took a lot of screenshots for the blog. This might surprise you, but my screenshots skewed heavily towards the writing and books. And I have to say, even though of course I hate it when writing isn’t going well, it’s so satisfying to see writers in movies who are having a bit of a shitty time. At least, until I start relating to them!

I’ll show the books-and-writing ones first, and the other ones at the end – enjoy!

The Terrorizers (1986)

La Notte (1961)

Misc Prettiness

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