good morning other world

If I can’t sleep, one thing I like to do is to look at webcams of cities where it has just turned morning. Sometimes nobody is out of bed and sometimes people are already having long chats outside in the dark. Sometimes the spaces look so eerie without people.

I always feel like I should preface this by saying “I’m not some weirdo,” but can it be weird to watch the world wake up in public spaces?

Anyway. Here are my favourites from last night/this morning.


I also enjoy these ones, from Dublin. I’ve been looking at this site forever, for years, I think! I used to dream of going there, to visit the Not to Worry! store.

4 thoughts on “good morning other world”

  1. I don’t think it’s weird! I actually never thought to do check them at a specific time. I like to look at the ones on the liveIreland site because I loved it there and it’s just neat to watch sometimes. I would like to search around and find more from different places. I absolutely love the second one!!

  2. My dad does this. Well, not so much this, but religiously peeking in on live cams, usually at dusk in national parks.
    Such a bizarre thing to be able to do, really.

    1. It really is. The other day I saw someone walking across the “field” in the shot from the last photo, and I thought it was so crazy that I could just watch someone walk down the street in Sweden.

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