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To me, the most beautiful sound of all the sounds is the Finnish language. It sounds like a steady rain on a pile of firewood. It sounds like birch trees and the bluest lakes and wood fires in the snow and I want to be part of it so desperately. I want to create those beautiful sounds but when I open my mouth a dying hyena comes out instead and I swear it will never happen for me, even after all this time, all this trying.


There is a new entry up at Lumisilla mailla.

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. aiti

    Your finnish sounds so good me!!!!
    We shall talk in finnish very soon.
    Rakkaudella Mom xx

    1. Samantha

      Kiitos, Äiti! xo

  2. Susanna

    Your finnish is SO good!! Stop criticizing yourself so much, although I loved the “dying hyena”-comparison a lot… :) If it helps think of my “apothecary”-pronunciation problems!


    1. Samantha

      Kiitos, ystäväni! <3 I feel like I should be much better by now than I am. I need to stop being so shy to talk Finnish with you on Skype!