Dundas, the rest.

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Yesterday was spent exploring, driving through the rain and taking pictures of houses, main streets, beautiful brick and stone buildings. Secret little towns and areas that surprise us. Searching for a place we can insert ourselves. Adjusting expectations.

Vague words are the best I have because vague thoughts are all I have. My brain is all over the place – hence this day-late post.

Another highlight from yesterday: Sleeping in my old bed in my childhood home, waking up in the night to rain falling lightly on my face through the open window. Letting it happen.

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  1. Kat

    I know of an island that makes a happy home. :)

    Also: Elora. Seriously. It’s such a lovely little town. Or Guelph, if you want someplace bigger.

    1. Samantha

      I would love to live in all three places! Actually, just a few minutes ago I was fondly remembering my last couple of visits to Elora. I need to go back soon!