nine hours of sunlight

White wine on a sun-setting balcony as the humidity fades. They talk about Europe, about where they’re going and where they’ve been. I don’t say much. Instead, I slurp my wine and daydream about Germany, though my time there was too short and the things seen were too few. I daydream about Finland and Estonia and Slovenia and I daydream about Europe in general. The buildings, the people, the languages, the food.

I go home on the streetcar, on the subway, smelling like wine and smoke and strawberry kiwi gum. I am in love with Toronto these days. On the streetcar I watch dressed-up people waiting in lineups, talking to valets. For the first time I feel okay with having no interest in any of those things. For me Toronto is old brick houses, long walks with coffee, quiet places of busy streets, my little green corners, surprising people with how long I hold the elevator for them. It’s finally good here.

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  1. sandra

    being in love with where you live is so good. i am in love too, sitting here listening to the trams, sipping wine, waiting for the thunderstorm to break out – i feel it in my head. boom! happy friday!

    1. Samantha

      It took a year, but I’m glad I’m finally not feeling so unsettled here!

      Enjoy your lovely-sounding evening, and happy Friday to you too!

  2. outi

    sunday greetings from Helsinki. i like it here too. although i´m dreaming about many different places all the time, but somehow this is my home. at least now;)

    1. Samantha

      Sunday greetings to you in Helsinki! I’m glad you’re liking it there – I hope I can visit one day and see how good it is!