Ten things I see:

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– The lake in the distance, shining too brightly in the sun.
– An old white serving/casserole dish of my parents’ that I remember admiring even in childhood.
– Three red apples inside said serving dish.
– My dog, laying sideways in a patch of sunlight.
– A Christmas photo of me at age two sitting on my dad’s lap, who is dressed as Santa. I am crying my little eyes out.
– The only plant I haven’t killed, which I have moved into another patch of sunlight because I am desperate to keep it alive.
– The skeleton of a small tree I have killed, on the balcony now as a “sculptural art piece.”
– Orange and red and yellow and green treetops.
– A man walking slowly down the street, twirling a shopping bag between his hands.
– An old white car pulling into the parking lot.


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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Sarah

    I love hearing the way you see the world!

    1. Samantha

      Thank you very much!

  2. Kali

    I just discovered your blog, love the concept and pictures! This list is a very good idea, we can imagine the scenery around you…

    1. Samantha

      Thank you, Kali – it’s good to see you here! :)