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Another shore.

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On Sunday Lake Erie was almost impossibly still, with some ice on the horizon. I had to keep checking the spot where the water shrugged against the beach to make sure the entire lake wasn’t frozen solid. We parked at a shoreside fish & chips shop in Lowbanks, closed for the season, and I made a note to return in the summer. Birds chattered above us and in the distance, and a greying dog named Trixie barked her hellos from the sand before bounding off. We heard her later being coaxed back into her car. (I know, girl, I know.) Even though we were only an hour from our home, the road trip mood was strong and so we stopped at the Tim Horton’s in Dunnville, the parking lot studded with motorcycles and people lounging about in t-shirts, their faces lifted to the sun.

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  1. Amy

    Such great pictures!

    I’m very much in love with Lake Erie. It has such a bad reputation that I was prepared to be horrified by it. Of course, I should have known better. The Gulf of Mexico has a bad reputation as well, and it’s beautiful too.

    Last week when we were walking by the water, my husband said, “Is that Cleveland?” I was like “No. You know we can’t see it from here.” It took a bit of staring to figure out that the remaining ice was creating an optical illusion of a city full of skyscrapers!

    1. Samantha

      Is it the same reputation as Lake Ontario – polluted and gross?

      What a trippy-sounding optical illusion!

      1. Amy

        Yes, a polluted Rust Belt nightmare of three-eyed fish. And of course it doesn’t help that the Cuyahoga River, which feeds Erie, was so polluted that it caught on fire in 1969.

        1. Samantha

          On fire! Yikes!

          1. Amy

            Yes! This was one of the first things that really gave Cleveland its punchline status. Poor Cleveland. It’s really not such a bad place.

            1. Samantha

              Actually, I’d like to check out Ohio in the future!

  2. A.

    thanks for sharing this great pictures on your page! and the reeallly interesting conversation you had with Amy.
    Greetings from nortern Germany, where the shore looks not thaaat amazing!

    1. Samantha

      Welcome! Thank you for your kind comment. Hello to you in northern Germany, where I would not mind being right now! :)

  3. Speed Racer

    Happy Birthday!
    (Now after midnight, so I guess it’s belated…)

    1. Samantha

      Thanks, Geoff!

  4. Kali

    That’s very beautiful! It reminds me of a short commute at the Salt Lake City airport a few years back, I remember seeing all these huge and beautiful lakes from above and hoping to be able to visit from the ground one day…

    1. Samantha

      I’ve really been spoiled growing up so close to the Great Lakes. When I lived in Calgary, far away from them, no other body of water satisfied me!