Historical inspiration for my fantasy novel: Pre-colonial Philippines

Seeker of the Lost Song is a historically-inspired fantasy novel merging medieval Finnish & pre-colonial Filipino elements, and I wanted to share two elements of Filipino history I included. Dulang, a low table One of my favourite tidbits from my research is that pre-colonial Filipinos ate at a low table,…

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Reading Ruth Goodman’s “How to Be a Victorian”

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Ruth Goodman is one of my favourite historians. I’ve watched several of her shows and have seen her as a guest on other history programs, and am always impressed by how she tries to live as period-authentic as she can during a project. I don’t have that much commitment to anything!

I’ve recently finished her book How to be a Victorian, which I was very excited about. If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know that my favourite part of history are the smaller, everyday moments of regular people – and that’s kind of Ruth’s whole thing. This quote from the book is a prime example of why I love her – when talking about dry rubbing instead of washing, she writes:


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The history of fictional worlds

In 2016, I wrote the following blog post for my history blog, The Small Histories. I was thinking about it again recently and wanted to share it here as well – book lovers will appreciate it! Also, I had to actually laugh out loud when I read “I’m not a worldbuilding sort of writer” – Oh if only the me of 2016 knew that worldbuilding would be ALL she’d do just two years later!


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Secret Lives of Great Authors

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Note: This post originally appeared on Wordscience, a now defunct writing-focused blog of mine, on March 15, 2009. I was recently flipping through that blog’s archives and came across this post, which I thought would be neat to share here too. I've recently shared another post from that blog, "Weather, history,…

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Masters of Doom

The early days of home computers and video games has always been a particular interest of mine. In fact, it's my stock answer for the "if you had a time machine" question - while I would love to visit all sorts of historical periods, I'd probably fare a bit better…

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Exercise for women in the 1910s

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Between my recent Instagram post about Gibson girls and revisiting a favourite article detailing how the ideal woman's body has changed over the past hundred years, I've had the 1910s on the brain a little bit. I'd remembered an episode of Edwardian Farm where Ruth and her daughter were demonstrating…

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