Making bread on a cloudy morning, and the soreness in my forearms during kneading surprises me. How long has it been? I remember breakfast and quickly fry some leftover rice, garlic, crack an egg on top. I make the first cup of coffee after a long weekend of illness. CBC Radio is on in the background, the Calgary morning show, which I haven’t been able to stop listening to despite the fact I don’t live in Calgary anymore. I think of the stories I’m working… (READ MORE)


My dog and I run through the rain, down the street I grew up on. Our feet are the loudest sound. I’m carrying a bag full of crab shells to dispose of in the garbage can at the end of the road, by the community mailbox. A family sees me do it and I imagine how peculiar I must look. On the way back I’m taking big sniffs, the kind that are like gulping, and I’m running and lifting my chin as far into the… (READ MORE)

Wie geht es dir?

An elderly man at the next till says cheerfully to the cashier, “Hallo Fräulein. Wie geht es dir? Do you know what I just said?” She giggles and says no, and that it sounded funny. He takes it in good stride. I turn to look at him and he is smiling, wearing a cardigan I actually would like to own myself. Later, in the rain, another elderly man, this one in a trenchcoat, waves at a hot dog vendor. The vendor waves back enthusiastically and… (READ MORE)


Amazing how silent the world can be mere metres from one of the busiest streets in the largest city in Canada. Just birds, birds that trill, that laugh, that shout, and the full faraway sound of an airplane, and the cars in the distance that sound like a river. But mostly the birds, and the whole other world sleeps.

In Calgary, 2009.

Walking home along the frozen river. I had thought I would be cold in my skirt, thick tights and legwarmers but I was fine. Snow was falling down lazily and sticking to my wool coat, my eyelashes and the tips of my hair. Someone was cross-country skiing on the river. I kept pace with her and watched her, noticing her movements. My mother used to cross-country ski in Finland. I thought I would like to try it. At one point the skiier stopped and touched something… (READ MORE)

Many Mondays ago

Many Mondays ago

I stand on my parents’ driveway waiting for my friend, who has forgotten what house I am after so many years. It’s so quiet and I remember many other nights like this in high school, waiting for some boyfriend or friend under the light, looking up at the sky and thinking those thoughts all teenagers think about the stars. There’s a tree in the way now. She finds me and we go to our old favourite high school hangout, which I’m not too proud to… (READ MORE)

More people, 2007

Two men are sitting diagonally from each other debating the economy. One is getting more wound up than the other. He has a slight French accent and is wearing shorts with white socks pulled up tight. He is giving analogies about “the old days.” He is picking up the newspaper that lies on the table and tears off a corner in support of one such analogy. The other man has a British accent. He tries to make a point but is continually interrupted by his… (READ MORE)