Clock & Bell

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When I think about some of the memorable parts of my years writing online, I'm usually most nostalgic for the earliest years: 1997-2001-ish. But recently, I fell into a different sort of nostalgia spiral. I forget how it even started, but I found myself missing the way blogging was just…

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The history of fictional worlds

In 2016, I wrote the following blog post for my history blog, The Small Histories. I was thinking about it again recently and wanted to share it here as well – book lovers will appreciate it! Also, I had to actually laugh out loud when I read “I’m not a worldbuilding sort of writer” – Oh if only the me of 2016 knew that worldbuilding would be ALL she’d do just two years later!


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Where I’ve been

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So. Things have been quiet here lately! After 20 years, it feels weird not keeping up a blog on a regular basis, not thinking about it. I wonder these days if blogs are fading in favour of other channels. Or maybe that's just how it's been with me. I'm not…

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Recently, it struck me that 2017 marks 20 years I've been blogging. I've written about those olden times here before. I started my first website in 1997. I used a pseudonym. There were rotating ankh gifs on it. I was obsessed with it. One day, my boyfriend at the time wanted us…

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Food in writing

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As I wrote about last year when I read Ethan Frome, descriptions of meals in books are one of the things that really catch my attention when I'm reading. I like to imagine how all the elements of the meal work together. I read this description recently in Margaret Drabble's The…

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