You are currently viewing Filipino & Finnish mythology & folklore in my recent work

Filipino & Finnish mythology & folklore in my recent work

To celebrate crossing the midpoint in my science-fantasy novella, I’m sharing the Filipino & Finnish mythology & folklore I’ve incorporated in my work so far. This includes The Quiet is Loud, Seeker of the Lost Song, and Seeker’s sequel as well as the novella.

Folklore/mythology from the Philippines:⁠

✦ Nuno sa punso, a nature spirit who takes the form of an old man living in a mound of earth⁠
✦ Tikbalang, a half-horse, half-human trickster who lives in the forests and mountains ⁠
✦ Siyokoy, a humanoid sea creature with a scaled body, large red eyes, and sharp teeth⁠
✦ Engkanto, an umbrella term for various enchanted spirits⁠
✦ A certain deity that I can’t reveal because it’s a spoiler but SO COOL⁠
✦ Actually, make it two⁠, why not?

Folklore/mythology from Finland:⁠

✦ Tuonela, the land of the dead, popularly appearing in the Kalevala ⁠
✦ Ukko, the god of thunder, the sky⁠, and weather
✦ Haltija/Haltia, a guardian spirit that protects places or people⁠
✦ Spell-song, which is featured in the Kalevala and also in real-life poem-singing competitions called kilpalaulanta

Honestly, nothing feels more life-affirming than combining the mythology and folklore of both of my wildly different cultures into a cohesive whole that works together. I don’t think it’s too cheesy to say that it feels healing.⁠

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