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Hello, first draft of new fantasy novel!

The best part of my August: I finished the first draft of my new fantasy novel!⁠

I’m still coming back down to earth, very reluctantly, after spending the summer halfway in an altered state of intense creativity and inspiration I had never felt before, the kind where you could tell me I was some sort of conduit receiving the story from another plane and I would believe you. It was such a different experience from writing my first novel.⁠

⁠In this photo, from right to left: An old map of Åland that I used to gaze at often as a child, which served as inspiration for part of the novel’s setting; a genealogy book for one side of my mom’s family, from which I took a whole bunch of names both Finnish & Swedish; the two notebooks of ideas and plans for all the iterations this book saw over the past four years.⁠⁠

It does have a title, but it didn’t come to me until after I was finished, unlike The Quiet is Loud, so I still need to sit with it for a while.

I’ve already started editing the first draft and am happy to say that I actually enjoy reading it! It’s still in my brain, I still wake up far too early in the mornings thinking about it, so I’m happy to have this time with these characters and this story, making it even better.

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