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Peeling Rambutan

I’ve been reading poems like mad recently, so I got excited when Teri invited me to an evening of readings hosted by her friend, poet Gillian Sze.

Even getting there felt sort of poetic, visuals full of meaning. My husband and I drove down Dundas in the rain, passing through the Junction, Little Portugal, Trinity-Bellwoods. Neighbourhoods that seemed so physically and spiritually remote when I lived in Toronto. We parked in Chinatown and walked the rest of the way through Kensington Market, a rainy warren of colour and umbrellas.

There were four writers and poets reading – Teri, Alexandra Leggat, Jessica Hiemstra, and Gillian – and they were all wonderful. Teri read my favourite story of hers

I bought a copy of Gillian’s book, and I’m having trouble putting it down. I long ago forced myself to admit I was useless at reviewing books even in the simplest terms, but suffice it to say it’s deeply satisfying. Go check it out!

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