Thoughts on reading.

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It's a cloudy, dark day today, though warmer than it has been. It's quiet. Somewhere around 4pm, there was suddenly nothing else I wanted to do than read an old favourite, The Mayor of Casterbridge. At one point in my life I would have called this my favourite book. I don't…

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My husband shared this great NY Times article with me, called The Power of the Particular: My best theory is this: When we are children, we invent these detailed imaginary worlds that the child psychologists call “paracosms.” These landscapes, sometimes complete with imaginary beasts, heroes and laws, help us orient…

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Your time is coming

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After high school, I got a job at an artificial flower warehouse by the airport. It was my first real job. I took two buses that always smelled of coffee, and squeezed in amongst people trying to navigate a newspaper within their own sliver of personal space. I loved it.…

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What helps

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1) A long morning walk with my dog, remembering what a cool breeze feels like. 2) Reading the paper at my parents' kitchen table. Opening my laptop to write. 3) The familiar sounds of my childhood home - the fridge humming, the kitchen floor creaking, an upstairs door closing as…

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Swimming Studies

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My friend has loaned me a book. The author is half-Filipino, just like my friend and me. I read it eagerly. It feels familiar. The author's writing style reminds me so much of my friend's, and I relish the glimpses of the suburban neighbourhoods we grew up in. I read…

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I play by ear.

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"Grammar is a piano I play by ear, since I seem to have been out of school the year the rules were mentioned. All I know of grammar is its infinite power. To shift the structure of a sentence alters the meaning of that sentence, as definitely and inflexibly as…

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Nostalgia spiral

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When I say I miss high school, I miss writing terrible poetry in a notebook in a shitty coffee shop that was the closest thing to my house in the suburbs, the kind of coffee shop where someone writing in a notebook for two hours is strange. Wandering around secondhand…

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Making bread on a cloudy morning, and the soreness in my forearms during kneading surprises me. How long has it been? I remember breakfast and quickly fry some leftover rice, garlic, crack an egg on top. I make the first cup of coffee after a long weekend of illness. CBC…

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Some new things

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As of late: 1) A short story of mine, "Breathing Underwater", was published at my friend Leesa's new site WhiskeyPaper. It's a really wonderful site, and I'm thrilled to be included. 2) My lovely friend Susanna and I are collaborating on a blog, Lumisilla Mailla, which means "in snowy lands"…

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You can tell me anything you like about the value of output, of just writing without analyzing. But give me the minutes spent staring at the screen, walking around the neighbourhood, working loose the knots of a story that you feel might never give way. Despite the almost palpable stress…

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