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INTERVIEWER What was going on with your writing then? ISHIGURO At the time, people weren’t talking about books. They were talking about TV plays, fringe theater, cinema, rock music. Then I read Jerusalem the Golden by Margaret Drabble. By this time I’d begun reading the big nineteenth-century novels, so it…

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On writing.

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Kali, who writes one of my favourite blogs ever, nominated me to answer some questions about writing. I've read other writers' answers to these questions and enjoyed discovering new perspectives and philosophies about writing, and reading about everyone's projects. I can't promise my own answers to these four questions will be…

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Peeling Rambutan

I've been reading poems like mad recently, so I got excited when Teri invited me to an evening of readings hosted by her friend, poet Gillian Sze. Even getting there felt sort of poetic, visuals full of meaning. My husband and I drove down Dundas in the rain, passing through the…

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Scenes from a book fair.

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And when I say "book fair," I don't mean readings or lectures about books or writing or anything like that. I mean a building with multiple rooms of cheap books to buy. Basically, heaven. It started on Wednesday and Saturday was the last day, so my husband and I drove down…

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Another shore.

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On Sunday Lake Erie was almost impossibly still, with some ice on the horizon. I had to keep checking the spot where the water shrugged against the beach to make sure the entire lake wasn't frozen solid. We parked at a shoreside fish & chips shop in Lowbanks, closed for the season,…

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Short piece up at Sundog Lit

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I am proud to be participating in The Kissing Booth at Sundog Lit, two weeks of stories, poems, and essays inspired by my friend Leesa Cross-Smith's forthcoming book, Every Kiss a War.  My piece went up yesterday, and I'm thrilled about having my work amongst such great stories and poems and words.…

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Toronto crosswalk, July 2000.

Rules of transformation

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A few days ago, I had to go to Toronto for a Finnish class. It was the first time I'd been to Toronto since I moved away in mid-January, and I was expecting it to feel disorienting. I felt a slight surge of alarm as I got to my old…

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Some times.

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 The summer after Grade 10, my family and I went to visit my great-uncle and great-aunt in northern California. We ended up all getting colds, and spent a few days recuperating in their home. For some reason, I only brought one tape with me - Elastica's first album. I…

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IFOA highlights

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Another year, another IFOA. (You can read last year's highlights here.) This year was similar to last year in a lot of ways. I went with Teri to some things, we had sushi to eat, it was even raining like last year. Here are the highlights: - Saw Margaret Drabble being…

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November 1st

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Among the very large collection of phonograph records which the Library maintained were perhaps a hundred which Mr Kelso called his Horrible Examples. These were pieces of music which he despised, sung or played by people whose manner of interpretation he despised ... It had taken Pearl a long time…

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